How do we Connect?

Building community happens in the day-in, day-out of life. It's more than just coming together on a Sunday morning. Life happens sitting in a park, engaging scripture, sharing a meal, getting a coffee, carrying a conversation. We engage life together by building meaningful, intentional relationships during and beyond our gathering times. And with God at the center, we live life to the fullest. See how you can get connected!

children ministry.png

Children's Ministry

Ages: Infant - 6th Grade

Through our ministry, we see the importance of caring for both the parents and the children. We engage children with interactive, exciting activities that convey Biblical principles and scripture. We also equip parents with resources and relationships to help mentor their children.

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Youth Ministry

Ages: 7th Grade - 12th Grade

Youth ministry reaches teens during a crucial developmental period. We provide a space for teens to dig deeper into their faith, ask hard questions, and build genuine relationships. We integrate a fun atmosphere with honest conversations about God and life empowering students to be change-makers.

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Adult Ministries

The adults of the church play a fundamental role in shaping the congregation and our surrounding communities. We provide opportunities for adults to build community and engage faith together: from bible studies to Sunday connection groups. Beyond organized times, we love organic get-togethers or going to events together.

Service goes beyond a building.