What's Behind the Name?

Full Circle Biker Ministries (FCBM) is a name that provides hope for what is to come. We as individuals are born in God's personal likeness. But, we make choices that lead us down wrong paths.

God with his infinite wisdom understood this, and by His love for us he sent His one and only son, Jesus Christ to walk among us, to teach us and ultimately to die for us because of our sins. Through the Blood of Jesus our sins are forgiven and through this sacrifice we have been offered the opportunity to return to a relationship with our heavenly father.

Who are we?

FCBM is not a motorcycle club, it is an outreach ministry.

FCBM offers an avenue to connect with those who have a passion for riding motorcycles; and shares a path to a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

"Church" can be misunderstood and viewed as intimidating. A biker ministry gives us the ability to work in our community, outside of the walls of the church, with people who share a common bond through motorcycling. It is our desire to offer the biker, and their family, hope through the saving grace and love of Jesus Christ -- making a difference, one biker at a time.

All are welcome to participate. Invite a friend, family member, spouse or significant other, even children. This is a family oriented environment to promote safe riding and fellowship.